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'Emily', a myth, a reality

Robert Frost would be proud. Author Holly Morrison will choose the road less traveled every time always surprising others and sometimes surprising herself.
Her latest book under her pen name H. Reese Scott is a departure from her usual path of children's literature.
Then again, it does not travel the road of adult fiction either. Listening to Morrison, one gets the impression the elements cleared their own path with the plot and characters of “Embracing Emily” leading Morrison into a world that she found both wonderful and a little alien.
The book actually began in Lovettsville with the death of her husband, John Morrison, and ended in Estonia following a near fatal accident in Latvia.
John Morrison, an engineer, died unexpectedly. When he went into the hospital for tests, Holly Morrison went in as a wife and came out a widow.
“We had been to Russia within a couple of years prior to all this,” Holly Morrison said. “My husband had thought that we might relocate there; it was 1993 and it had just opened up [after the fall of the Soviet Union] and there was massive construction.”
A widow can take many different paths after the death of her husband, but few just up and head for a place on the other side of the earth. Estonia is a place where the language is so difficult it is second only to Cantonese in difficulty for an English speaking person. Nevertheless this is where Morrison decided to go in 1995 with her two daughters. Jessica at the time was 11, Erin 7. Two older children who were grown stayed in the U.S.

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