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"As a transpersonal psychotherapist, I find my clients searching for ways to see through the symbols of spirituality to the truth that lies behind the symbols. Embracing Emily addresses this very issue and does it with grace, love and humor!"

J. R. Cosentino
Licensed Professional Counselor

"Embracing Emily does what the best autobiographical fiction can do: by presenting the writer's self-observations, it promotes sympathetic knowledge not only in the writer's world, but in the reader's as well.

That's the bonus, but here's the reason to read this book - it's fun!"

Bette Ojala

Wow! Whatta great book! So brilliantly written the way the author weaved her own personal struggles and learning growth into the fantasy part of her book. I've never read anything written in that style before. Embracing Emily is so well written and holds your interest so grippingly that you don't want to stop reading it until it's finished and then....you're wanting more!

Laurie (taken from Guestbook)

What I like a lot about Embracing Emily is this: there is no shortage of non-fiction books detailing the psychological and emotional dilemma of humans. In Emily we are witness to this in a very enchanting way and if we are open to it, we experience many aha! moments through the cleverly woven story. Thanks (author) for the courage to discover, display and embrace Emily.

Mary Lou


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