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Embracing Emily is a three dimensional story that keeps the reader wondering what theology is about to emerge next. H. Reese Scott entwines Fantasy through the Kingdom of Somewhere, the Psyche or Emily, and the author’s life, to create this unique Spiritual Autobiography!

Hannah is searching for the Truth. Raised in a home with strict religious beliefs, she questions every twist and turn in her life. Through childhood—challenging her Papa’s beliefs—through the hippie era of her maturity, she runs with fear in her heart.
“There is only one God, right?”
“Yes of course,” Papa sighed.
“|And the same God that created the entire planet in seven days now watches to see if I step into a movie theater or wear nail polish?”
“Correct!” It seemed to me that either God had grown terribly lazy, or He’d received a sizable demotion.

There is humor throughout the storytelling of Embracing Emily, humor that darts and flits as if on the wings of busy Angels. At four years of age Angelina Rose introduces her imaginary friends God and Jesus to Hannah. She is mortified when Angelina brings them out to play in public places… What will people think!

From the Fantasy World of the Kingdom of Somewhere characters fight their battles with the f word – fear – when love is the only emotion they really need to embrace. Grandmama warned the magical Jessica, and Prince William: “Anybody wanting a lighthearted, superficial fairy-tale should avoid Hannah’s story; that’s for sure.”

For those who enjoy trying to keep pace with the author, find a serene place and read Embracing Emily. Some stories linger in the mind long after they have been read, this is one!

© Pamela Faye, April 2006

Rolling Seas Review

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