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If there is a common thread running through the baby-boomer generation it may be our search for truth. It was the search for truth that divided us over the Vietnam War, enticed us to experiment with mind-altering drugs and with free love.

Embracing Emily is one woman’s search for truth presented with a sincere honesty.

It begins with the author’s struggle in a strict fundamentally religious family blossoming into determined rebellion. Woven in is deep love, infidelity and a near-death experience that brings the author face-to-face with her life-long fear.

But the twist is that it is done with a healthy dose of humor and thought-provoking introspection without the pretense of so many philosophical best-sellers.

This is a book we can apply to our own journey. A book that uncovers one path to peace, love and freedom from the fears that rob us of our full potential.

© James Pitrone / The Bucks County Courier Times, 2005

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