If there is a common thread running through the baby-boomer generation it may be our search for truth. It was the search for truth that divided us over the Vietnam War, enticed us to experiment with mind-altering drugs and with free love.

Embracing Emily is one woman’s search for truth presented with a sincere honesty.

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Embracing Emily is a three dimensional story that keeps the reader wondering what theology is about to emerge next. H. Reese Scott entwines Fantasy through the Kingdom of Somewhere, the Psyche or Emily, and the author’s life, to create this unique Spiritual Autobiography!

… humor throughout the storytelling of Embracing Emily, humor that darts and flits as if on the wings of busy Angels. At four years of age Angelina Rose introduces her imaginary friends God and Jesus to Hannah. She is mortified when Angelina brings them out to play in public places…

For those who enjoy trying to keep pace with the author, find a serene place and read Embracing Emily. Some stories linger in the mind long after they have been read, this is one!

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© Pamela Faye, April 2006, Rolling Seas Review

Embracing Emily is truly a unique work of literature. Although it takes some time getting used to the novel’s unconventional style, which jumps from a whimsical tale based in The Kingdome of Somewhere to Scott’s autobiographical memoir, you soon realize that there’s rhyme and reason to the pattern. As the characters in both storylines develop, the colorful narratives gradually stream into one cohesive idea.

This may sound confusing, but once you get past the first few chapters, it all makes wonderful sense.

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The catharsis of life, in written form
An incredibly moving story, told in a slightly erratic style, which completely fits the story being told. Part autobiography, part fiction; the story is the merging together of the authors fascinating life story and a universe she has created. Both stories parallel the journey of one trying to escape ones own life as a means of better understanding existence as a whole.
Plunge into the unknown and share in the author’s unique perspective of life and learn to love the characters, as they in turn learn to love themselves.