Embracing Emily is a Spiritual Autobiography of a New Driver’s Ongoing Journey.

The following is background about the author, H Reese Scott. To view excerpts from the book, that will further explain the following text, click on the links.

H Reese Scott —or Hannah—was raised in a strict fundamentalist Christian home, in a sleepy suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She married young and had a rich and eventful life, that included having four children. In 1993, she was widowed. At the time of their father’s death, her children were ages twenty, sixteen, seven, and four. After two years of soul searching, Hannah decided to leave her home in Loudoun county, Virginia and pursue her lifelong dream of living in Europe. Hannah moved to the Baltic region of Eastern Europe with her two youngest children. The small family settled in Tartu, Estonia, for several years—after which time, they moved to Riga, Latvia for a decade.

H Reese Scott has fictionalized her autobiography—introducing composite people and situations—in order to offer you, the reader, a look into her life, without exposing other people’s stories or invading other’s privacy. This book is not an attempt to change any minds, but simply to tell a story—H Reese Scott’s story—and share her journey.

Hannah began writing a simple children’s book entitled The Kingdom of Somewhere in 1993, a few months after her husband’s death. Over the years, this book proved to be a magical key to her psyche. After writing and rewriting this book many times, using the characters as messengers—a bit like one uses one’s dreams—to consciously inform her about what was going on in her inner world, Hannah gave this kingdom one last rewrite. During the recovery from a serious automobile accident, Hannah decided to rewrite The Kingdom of Somewhere; but this time, allowing the characters carte blanche to author their own story, as she attempted to claim some authorship of her own life. This brought about in-depth soul searching for both the author, and the characters of Somewhere. This storybook kingdom is braided together with Hannah’s autobiography.

Throughout this book, H Reese Scott offers notes from the author’s life, including one Major Note. These are snippets of information about Hannah’s life, that offer candid looks at aspects of her that are not specifically detailed within her autobiography; a bit like peeking into the author’s window. The reader need not read these notes to understand Hannah’s story but perhaps to simply better understand Hannah.

And so the big question, in your mind right now, may be: Who is Emily? And why does Emily need embracing?