You Decide

In the fall of 2002, the author and her husband rented a car and drove out of Riga to the Latvian countryside to see the turning leaves. They stopped for a late lunch at a small cafe in a 14th century castle in the town of Jaunpils. While awaiting their food, Holly thought it would be lovely to capture the stone room, in which they were dining, on camera. The room was lit by candles, so Holly decided to take two shots, without a flash, hoping to capture the golden glow of the candlelight reflecting off the stone chamber walls. She waited until the waiter was in the kitchen, to avoid any motion that might affect her focus; then carefully leaning on her elbows, she took two pictures. The room in front of her (within the eye of the camera) was absolutely empty. When they returned home that evening and viewed the photos, it appeared that they caught more than the golden glow of the candles. You decide: is the dim light in the room playing tricks; or is the upstairs maid, from centuries before, still scurrying around; perhaps preparing for guests (this was the author’s guess)?